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2023 Jun
THIELE proudly releases its new product catalogue "THE BOOK 6.0" which contains all our existing products and introduces all the new products that THIELE released lately. Please click on the link below and have a look!
Also KWS Inc. is working on a new catalogue that will also include all the new arrivals. It will be available soon. In the meantime, please use the new THIELE-catalogue as KWS Inc, a member of the THIELE-Group, supplies all THIELE-lifting products! Everything that you find in the THIELE-catalogue is also available at KWS Inc.!
Download PDF

2023 Feb
KWS Inc. is excited to announce that more and more sizes of the THIELE G100 clevis shortening hooks TWN 1827 and TWN 1827/1 are available now! After having launched the sizes 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" in 2021 and 2022, we are now ready to launch the sizes 9/32" and 5/8". Till October, we will be supplementing further sizes and complete the full range, this includes the sizes 3/4", 7/8", 1" and 1-1/4". As you are used to, the fittings will be available both with and without locking device, you pick! The TWN 1827- and TWN 1827/1-hooks stand out with a extra wide chain beds which is superior to the sharp-edged and narrow hook bodies of grab hooks that may be found on the market. The modern designed hooks have a defined redirection of the chain for better force deflection, a lower bending moment of the horizontal positioned chain link and a proofed interaction between the fitting and the chain.
In also complies with the DIN 5692 and DIN EN 12195-3. THIELE Lifting Products - The name for safety!
For further information about the product advantages of the new TWN 1827, please click on the below link. KWS Inc. stocks the TWN 1827 and TWN 1827/1 in the USA, we look forward to hearing from you!

2022 Dec
THIELE upgraded its ZK-Modul TWN 1471. The TUV-approved and patented module complies with the EN 12640 and may be used for safe securing of loads. The specified lashing capacity is 100% applicable in all directions and its swivel range is up to an angle of 150°. Also it allows the securing of loads that protrude over the truck bed. This product provides exactly what operators in the load securing industries have been asking for for years! Please click on the below link to watch the product movie and get further information.

2022 Nov
Follow-up BAUMA:
We thank you very much for your visit to our booth at BAUMA-show 2022 in Munich. THIELE and KWS, we hope that the show was just as interesting and informative for you as it was for us as an exhibitor. Once again it has been shown that personal contact is the basis for good cooperation, especially for successfully launching new products and implementing projects together. We look forward to further good contacts with you and a good ongoing cooperation.
Please click on the below link for further impressions of BAUMA Munich:

2022 Oct
Please visit the booth of the KWS-parent company, THIELE GmbH & Co. KG, on the BAUMA-show in Munich from October 24-30, 2022. THIELE and KWS will present new innovative products related to LIFTING, MOVING and SECURING of loads. Our team is looking forward to welcome you at our booth 103 in hall B2.
BAUMA Movie Invitation

2022 Jun
Please check our special sale for G100 clevis- and eye-type self-locking hooks. We brought in extra stock for you, it's available on stock and offered for promo-pricing!
Quantities are limited, please hurry up!
Further information may be found here: Link

2022 Apr
Thank you very much for visiting our booth at AWRF in Houston on April 25th, 2022.
It's been great to welcoming you to our booth and see you all again after almost 2 years.
We loved it!

2022 Feb
NEW OFFICE. We moved into a new office.
The office is now located at 904 W. Kenosha St. in Broken Arrow, OK 74012.
P.O.Box- and warehousing addresses remain unchanged.

2022 Feb
We are happy to announce that KWS Inc., a 20years+ member of AWRF, will attend the AWRF-PIE in Houston. Please visit us on our booth on April 25th. We look forward to seeing you!

2022 Jan
KWS Inc. wishes its customers and supporters a happy new year and all the best for 2022. We look forward to hearing from you!

2021 Sep
Financial Year End Special Sales! KWS Inc. offers special prices for selected lifting products. Please contact us to receive our list with special sell-off prices for hoists, blocks, master links, assemblies and fittings and take advantage of our special limited
Please call KWS at 800-872 9313 for further information!

2021 June
The MONSTER X-TREME Lifting Points TWN 1830 are now available in the screw sizes M72, M80, M90 and M100!
It turns 360° under load, the link flips 180° and it offers a WLL up to 40T! MONSTER-COOL! The X-TREME is now available from size M10 to M100, just pick the right size for your application.
Please call KWS at 800-872 9313 for further information!

2021 May
Size 9/32" G100 clevis sling hooks with forged safety latches (TWN1840/1) are available soon. THIELE is in the final designing stage to have the new size available 3rd quarter, 2021. Stay tuned!

2021 April
KWS Inc. reacts on increased demand from our customer base and has placed additional stock orders with the THIELE-factory for more chain to arrive in June/July! We appreciate the climbing business from valued customers. Thank you!

2021 Jan
The winter celebration with special pricing on chains has become a real success in the USA and is now also extended to our valued customers in CANADA. Please feel free to call KWS or send an email to for further information!

2020 Dec
KWS started its winter celebration 2020/2021 with very special chain pricing! Please call KWS 800-872-9313 to receive your special chain offer!

2020 Nov
KWS released a new price list. We specially reduced our chain pricing to support our customers during the currently challenging time.

2020 June
KWS launched a special kick-off promo to celebrate the opening of our new LA-warehouse. Special pricing, lower prepaid shipping terms, local stock availability. Please contact KWS 800-872-9313 or WESTREP 800-365-6465 for further information!

2020 April
The G100-weld on type lifting- and lashing points (TWN1880/TWN1882) are now available in our US-warehouses, please click here for further product information or give us a call!

2020 March
KWS Inc. launches a special chain promo with special sale on G80- and G100-chains, please call KWS at 800-872 9313 for further information!

2020 March
KWS Inc. and RF PAYNE COMPANY are starting a new cooperation. RF PAYNE COMPANY will cover the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, parts of Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, parts of North Dakota and South Dakota. We welcome our new partners and wishing them a good start!

2020 March
KWS Inc. and WESTREP ENTERPRISES COMPANY are starting a new cooperation. WESTREP ENTERPRISES COMPANY will cover the states California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Hawaii. We welcome our new partners and wishing them a good start!

2020 Feb
KWS Inc. opens a new warehouse in the Mid-West. RF PAYNE COMPANY will run the KWS-warehouse in its facilities in Franklin Park, IL (Chicago). Please contact KWS to receive further information!

2020 Feb
KWS Inc. opens a new warehouse on Westcoast. WESTREP ENTERPRISES COMPANY will run the KWS-warehouse in its facilities in Temple City, CA (Los Angeles). Please contact KWS to receive further information!

2019 Dec
Product Update: KWS Inc. Increased stock availability on our new rated G80- and G100-oblong master links and assemblies. Please call 800 - 872-9313 for your special net pricing!

2019 Sep
KWS Inc. Celebrates its end of the financial year 18/19 and offers special pricing on G80- and G100- fittings and TM-series. Please contact our sales team to receive a list of stock items on sale

2019 May
Product Update: new stock for G100 1" and 1-1/4" lifting chain arrived at KWS Inc.

2019 Apr
Please visit our booth at the AWRF-P.I.E. in Cleveland, OH on April 15th, 2019

2019 Feb
Product Update: the new "KE"- eye bolt TWN 1884 is now available!

2018 Dec
Product Update: New stock for TM-Chain Hoists TWN 1001 and TM-Lever Blocks TWN 1001 arrived at KWS Inc. Available ready made with lifts of 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft (TWN1000) and 5ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft (TWN1001)

2018 Nov
Product Update: New G100 clevis grab hook sizes are now available on stock!

2018 Sept
Product update: New G100 eye foundry hooks are now available in sizes 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2"

2018 March
Product Update: New G100 oblong master link TWN1803 and master links assemblies TWN1804 are now available

2018 Feb
Product Update: New G80 oblong master link TWN1303 and master links assemblies TWN1304 are now available

2018 Jan
Product Update: G100 oblong master links are now available up to diameter 2-3/4

2017 Nov
Safety advice: please always read operating instructions before use! Download safety instructions for THIELE-products now

2017 Oct
Please visit us on our booth at the AWRF-P.I.E in Minneapolis, MN on O ct. 23rd, 2017

2017 Oct
The new KWS-Catalog (Edition 2) is now available: download

2017 Sept
Product Update: New G100 weld-on type Lifting Points TWN1473 & TWN1872 now available

2017 Aug
Product Update: New G100 weld-on type Lifting Points TWN1880 & TWN1882 now available

2017 Feb
Product Update: Size 7/8" now available on majority of G100-fittings

2016 Oct
Product Update: Size 1-¼" G100 Chain now available

2016 Oct
KWS now has a warehouse in Canada!
» click here for more details

Welcome to KWS Inc.


In 1995 the company THIELE GmbH & Co. KG established operations in the United States specifically focused on the sales of the THIELE brand of overhead lifting chain and components. Since then, Conveying Chain, Fishing Chain, Lifting Points, Manual Cranes, Hoist Chains as well as Magnet Chain Slings have been added to the product line. New products are continually being added, most recently various fittings and additional trade sizes to the Grade 100-Product range.

Today, KWS Inc., with its big warehouse in Beckley WV, supplemented by regional warehouses through the US and Canada, is able to supply German-made quality products to its valueable customers in short term. Our commitment is: "You need it, we have it"! Our logistics system ensures stock availability of at least 6-month sales, unique in the industry!

THIELE GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative manufacturer with a long tradition in the production of round steel chains and forged parts for the Lifting technology sector.

Still today the company is familyowned. In close cooperation with our customers we always search for better and more innovative solutions. We are also supported by renowned universities and leading research institutes. We are continuously researching new knowledge in material technique and shaping in order to develop lighter, more solid and safer products.

Important Safety Notice!
Attention: Download and read operating instruction before usage!
Improper assembly or use may cause personal injury and/or damage to property.